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Living Legends Construction Inc. is a framing company operating in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding area. We specialize in all types of wood frame construction, from houses to condos and everything in between. We ensure quality, safety and speed are never compromised.

Living Legends Construction
Living Legends Framing and Construction

What sets us apart?

We have reimagined how a framing crew should look and function, in order to ensure our service is a cut above the competition.

Every builder/customer wants the same thing, a safe job site, built right, on time and at a good price (SAFETY, QUALITY, DELIVERY and COST). Our business model is geared towards achieving or even exceeding expectations. We understand that builders count the days and that every day counts. We have been able to save some builders up to a month per house versus their previous framing contractors.

Innovators, Tool Aficionados​


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