How we do this

We have reimagined how a framing crew should look and function in order to provide a service that is a cut above the competition. Every builder/customer wants the same thing, a safe job site, built right, on time and at a good price. Our business model is geared towards achieving or even exceeding expectations.


We understand that builders want their jobs framed fast without sacrificing quality or safety. In order to better serve our customers, we run larger than average crews. Our crews have head-counts between 8-12 people (industry average is 3-5 per crew). When done correctly, larger crews drive down build times. Additionally, our crews are staffed with highly experienced people with the majority being previous crew leads or company owners. This blend of personnel alone produces a very efficient and high-quality work environment. This has also reduced onsite injuries and near-misses.

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Building Practices

By taking the best of both worlds, we have established our own blend of traditional stick framing and prefabrication. Our hybrid approach allows us to tackle any job like a traditional stick framer would but incorporate prefabrication techniques that multiply efficiency and dramatically improve safe working conditions.

Build Times

Our build times save our clients time, money and headache. Our average build time is 2-3 days per unit. We have produces these outcomes consistently and sustainably.


Because we are competing for work in a stick framing world, our prices reflect normal market rates. This means that we are able to deliver all the added value of prefab without any of the added costs often associated with it. Saving you money.


We work hand in hand with the builder to create a material delivery schedule and organize affected sub-trades. Each stage of the build is clearly outlined from start to finish. By regularly meeting schedules we prevent site supervisors from constantly having to reschedule following trades. We do not put ourselves in a position where we are overcommitted. We will not sacrifice our customer service in order to pick up other jobs. If we do not have room for a job, we will not take it. Our Job sites are never abandoned in order to tend to other builders.


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